Felt Chair Glides Ours Vs Theirs

At LCS Products we love to constantly improve on our products. We even go out and buy competitor’s products to make sure we are better, better priced and safe for schools.

We went out and bought some felt snap on caps from a competitor to see if they matched up to our.

Here were are results:

  • We found that our SuperFelt was stronger. It did not fray.
  • Our SuperFelt is waterproof.
  • Our SuperFelt is tamperproof.  School children can’t pull it off.
  • Our Snap and Loc Glide fits the most popular school chairs.
  • Our competitor’s  snap on caps glide did not fit over a standard glide.

More about our SuperFelt

Our SuperFelt™ has been designed specifically for long life and lasting chair and furniture performance. No other product can offer this proprietary felt.

The SuperFelt™ is contained inside a retaining ring to prevent deformation, flattening and increasing longevity even under heavy loads and extensive usage. Our SuperFelt™ has gone through extensive research and development and has exceeded our extreme abuse testing protocols. Our testing is much more demanding than a typical school needs.

Our SuperFelt™ will eliminate noise from sliding chairs (teachers love it!) and keep floors clean from scratching, marring and damaging vinyl floor surfaces.  Our felt will even provide a polishing effect when sliding on vinyl or hard floor surfaces.

Our own proprietary SuperFelt™ is impervious to water, oil and most chemicals.


Images of Glide Caps with Felt

carpin chair glideThis is a competitor’s glide cut in half. It didn’t fit the glide, the felt was not waterproof and easy to pull off.





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