Felt Glides for Hardwood Floors

Email Question from Customer:

We need something to protect our restored hardwood floors in our presentation area. We have sled based chairs and the floor is polyurethane coated hardwood. Would these do the trick: Glide, Sled Base without felt or do we need to have the felt on them?

Our Answer:
Or engineer says that felt would work best on your polyurethane coated hardwood floor. The felt we use is synthetic felt so it actually lasts longer and is resistant to any cleaning products that you may be using on your floor. With our felt glide for your rail based chairs, the plastic glide does not touch the floor, only the felt.

Do you know the size or diameter of the chair rail?


If you are looking for a chair glide to protect your establishment’s hardwood flooring give us a call.


Chair Glides Hardwood Floors

Chair Glides Hardwood Floors

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