Not your average, everyday sled base glide!

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Not your average, everyday sled base glide! Sled base glides are an excellent way to protect classroom floors and are a perfect fit on the base of most sled base chairs.

LCS sled base glides have been meticulously crafted and designed over decades of experience in the chair cap business. We believe in providing the best product to keep your school or business floors clean and scratch-free. While our competitors focus on saving money and maximizing their profits, LCS engineers truly create products intent on maximizing savings for schools and businesses.

Our sled base glides easily snap in place over the existing base chair rails (no hammers or tools required!), and are manufactured in the U.S. with a proprietary, highly durable polycarbonate material. They can be ordered with or without felt, and they also come in a multitude of various sizes to fit almost all standard school or work chairs.

Whatever chair you have, chances are we’ve got a sled base to fit it.

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