Better fit. Tighter Grip. Universal Caps are a Hit!

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Universal fit chair leg Caps
Universal fit chair leg Caps is excited to introduce its newest addition to the chair cap family!

Functionally enhanced universal fit furniture and floor protection is now available!

Universal Fit Chair Leg Caps stretch and conform to fit multiple size chair, table, sofa and cabinet legs. Don’t worry whether or not your furniture legs are standard sized. Don’t worry whether or not your furniture legs are round or square. These caps work over-time to fit and grip and get the job done!

Our innovative, stretchable technology (E-Z Stretch™) enables each cap to fit various sizes with its stay-on design. They slip on in seconds and contain numerous internal grips increasing their holding power.

Universal fit chair leg Caps

Our new design comes complete with a revolutionary enhanced metal-core™ base. This enhanced metal-core™ base adds tremendous support and structure to the cap leading to improved stability. Together with its flexible side walls, these caps readily conform to the size and shape of the furniture leg, secure in fit and position. Additionally, the metal-core™ is encapsulated with a protective PVC coating making them ultra-durable and preventing damage to your furniture legs.

Universal fit chair leg Caps

Fit for both, metal and wooden furniture!

The applications for these caps are numerous indeed! Metal furniture. Wooden furniture. Dining room chairs. Kitchen chairs. Barstools. Sofas. Desks. Cabinets. Patio chairs. The list is endless. If you have a furniture leg. We most likely have the universal cap to fit!

Universal fit chair leg Caps

For dining room chairs, sofas and tables, bar stools and cabinets

Not only do these caps protect your floors and furniture, but due to their felt base bottoms, they minimize noise and eliminate scratches and scrapes made to your floors by moving chairs and furniture - damage that can be costly to repair. Additionally, the cap’s clear, transparent appearance is a feature designed to complement any home, school or office décor.

Universal fit chair leg Caps

Visit our “Universal Fit Leg Caps” page and shop our amazing selection of brand-new universal fit leg caps today.

Safeguard and preserve your floors with affordable, worry-free protection.
Our website contains helpful links to aid and facilitate the selection of just-the-right size and shape cap for your particular needs.

Universal fit chair leg Caps
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