How to Install Your Snap-N-Loc® Chair Cap Glides

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So you just purchased your new Snap-N-Loc® Chair Cap Glides and you’re wondering How to Install Your Snap-N-Loc® Chair Cap Glides.  Well, just how easy are the glides are to install? 

Relax. In your hands are the world’s fastest and easiest-to-install glides for protecting your floors. The Snap-N-Loc Cap® was designed and patented for ease of use and longevity. The cap comes with SuperFelt®, our proprietary felt that lasts a very long time without collecting dirt or dust and is impervious to liquids of any kind.

To install your Snap-N-Loc® Chair Cap Glides, follow these guidelines:

Make sure you are using the correct cap for the correct chair.

Chair Felt Glide Ready to Install 1

Open the top ring and put it around the top of the chair glide

Chair Felt Glides Openning

Chair Felt Glide On Chair Leg

Snap the side locks FIRST (Left and right Lock) - DO NOT LOCK CENTER (double lock) UNTIL LAST

Chair Felt Glide Installing

Snap the center lock last to complete the locking sequence.

Chair Felt Glide Finishing Install

Hear the “snap” and you’re good to go. You have now installed your glide.

Chair Leg Glide Installed

A full chair will take less than one minute to install. No tools necessary and it’s the easiest system available anywhere. Check out our amazing prices and call for specials if you are going to cover all your school chairs.

Chair Felt Leg Glides Installed on Chair

If you have any questions about this or any other glide product, please call us at 561-775-2122. We are always here to help.

You can also get more information about installing your Snap-N-Loc Chair Cap Glides at