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You’ve probably all heard the proverb “Measure Twice, Cut Once”. It connotes that one should always double-check their measurements for accuracy before cutting anything like a piece of wood or other material, thus by extension connoting that planning, preparing and being careful is important in successfully accomplishing tasks.

In that same vain, when purchasing the correct, form-fitting end caps for your chair or table legs, it is very important to measure the leg properly to ensure an adequate fit. This is especially vital when purchasing caps for round chair or table legs. A straight ruler just won’t do!

We don’t recommend eye-balling the leg. We don’t recommend wild guessing. We don’t want pictures of your chair or table legs calling for our customer service associates to guesstimate the correct measurements of your furniture.

BUT – LCS Products makes finding the right cap fit for your chair and table legs as easy as 1-2-3! If sewing is your passion and you happen to have a cloth roll of seamstress tape handy, we recommend using it. Just be careful to line up your measurement lines and record correctly.

IF you do not have one of these tapes, no problem! On our website at chaircaps.com, we provide a handy, downloadable measurement tool specifically for this purpose. LCS Products carries a wide variety of chair caps in a variety of sizes and sometimes an 1/8 of an inch can make a world of difference to a proper fit, form and function.

  1. Simply go to our website at chaircaps.com and click on INFO at the top of the Home Page.
  2. Highlight Measure Round Chair Legs.
  3. Follow the directions on the page & determine the diameter of the leg.
  4. Peruse & select the right cap for you. You can even order sample caps if you’re still not sure.

Flexible chair leg caps are a great addition to any furniture set. There are many benefits to choosing chair leg caps. Not only do they help protect your floor and furniture, but they help reduce noise, scratches, and damage done to your floors that can be costly later. Our innovative designs create long-lasting furniture leg caps that flex with the movement of the chair allowing for precision floor protection that will not disappoint you. Shop our amazing selection of leg caps today, to start protecting your floors better for worry-free wear that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Check us out online at chaircaps.com or call us toll-free at 1-877-775-2122.