Screw Cap Covers Hide Ugly Exposed Screws

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Screw Cap Covers Hide Ugly Exposed Screws

Sometimes even the most attractive and well-made furniture can have a few ugly features. These ugly features most often appear in the form of exposed screw heads. Fortunately, LCS Products carries screw cap covers so that you can easily hide those unsightly spots.

Our covers are made with durable, top-grade plastic and come in a variety of sizes and colors to match your furniture. With the right color and size, your chairs, cabinets or drawers take on a professional and more attractive visual appearance.

Our “Hide-A-Screw” cap covers are available hinged or as kits with a cap and a base. We provide everything you need and ready for installation.  All caps are made from polypropylene and all metallic finishes are vacuum plated.

The caps are even UV stabilized for outdoor usage (does not apply to metal caps). Our screw caps are an effortless and economical way to improve the look of your furniture.

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