Self-Leveling Screw-in Glides for Maximum Versatility!

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Self-Leveling Screw-in Glides for Maximum Versatility!

Instead of stuffing them under table legs or chairs, save your sugar packets for your coffee and use your napkins to wipe your mouths.

LCS Products introduces a glide that will automatically adjust for floor and furniture differences. Our unique “Built to Last” spring-loaded design will self-level and conform to angles or asymmetrical legs, in addition to accommodating for uneven floor surfaces.


These glides are a great solution to prevent table or chair wobbles or prevent harsh movements and jolts that could affect delicate machinery. These glides instinctively adapt. No manual adjustments are necessary. This product is suited for both commercial and domestic applications and both indoor and outdoor furniture for maximum utility.

Use these glides on any furniture from dressers to cabinets to couches and chairs. Manufactured with a sleek, modern design, our long-lasting, self-leveling screw-in glides are a cost-effective & attractive way to extend the life of your furniture.

For more information click on the link: Self-Leveling Screw-in Glide - and check them out for yourselves. While online, check out our extensive array of other types of screw-in glides or chair caps.

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