Shhhh! Quiet in the classroom, please!

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Shhhh! Quiet in the classroom, please!

LCS chair cap products help with more than just keeping the floors in your classroom clean!

Isn’t it every teachers’ dream to keep a classroom, not only clean, but quiet throughout the school year? We can offer every teacher that dream.

Our chair caps not only keep the floors free of scratches and marring, they keep the room blissfully quiet.  No high pitch screeching from a chair being moved so that the teacher can stay focused and able to lecture to students without distraction.  As a former student (aren’t we all?), I speak from experience that students’ constant moving, fidgeting, bathroom breaks, and pencil sharpening can be very distracting for the teacher and other students.  Some classrooms today require that students use the restroom before a test and to remain seated until all students have completed the test simply to keep the noise to minimum. 

Our unique Snap-N-Loc chair caps were specifically designed with the school industry in mind. Its simple installation and special patented SuperFelt successfully eliminated the noise from chairs sliding across classroom floors.  SuperFelt is a proprietary, synthetic product made in LCS factories in America. Classroom floors will stay quiet for years to come with this inexpensive, long-lasting product. 

 Check out our website at or call us at 561-775-2122 for other chair cap products that successfully reduce classroom “screeching” and keep floors shiny and pristine!