Snap-N-Loc Chair Cap Glide - Never Buy Another Cap AGAIN!

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Our patented Snap-N-Loc Chair Cap Glide is the finest American-made floor-protective cap you can put on your school or commercial-grade chair and table legs. No other one-piece hinged cap is available in the marketplace due to the fact that our product is currently patented and has been for many years. Our cap needs no special tools for installation and is so easy that it can be done by your maintenance staff or classroom teacher in just seconds.

The cap’s unique design has been shown to outlast all other caps in the industry when paired with our SuperFelt™. Why spend hours removing worn out glides or felt products or scraping away sticky residue from permanent glue on the bottom of your chair legs? Snap-N-Loc® with SuperFelt™, once secured to a chair, will remain on a chair for the life of that chair. All you need to do is remove and replace the , if necessary. Our SuperFelt™ is not only easily, but swiftly, removable and replaceable.

Snap-N-Loc Side View And SuperFelt™ is just pennies compared to the cost of brand new competitive glides. With Snap-N-Loc®, you will never need to buy another cap for your flooring protection needs! Millions of these caps have been sold throughout the US and     Canada to date. These caps will fit over a standard 1 ¼” diameter chair leg glide - approximately 95% of all school chairs, desks, tables and cabinets in North America.

When you add it all up, Snap-N-Loc® with SuperFelt™ is the premier product from a company that launched the chair cap floor protection industry. Contact us today for a complimentary sample of this superior product!