Spend Less and Prolong the Life of your Furniture

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Spend Less and Prolong the Life of your Furniture

We’ve all seen the news, heard the stories, experienced the high costs of just about everything. Whether it’s related to Covid, or supply-chain problems or good ole’ inflation, prices on consumer goods are rising. So - rather than invest in new furniture or new floors, extend the life of your current home, classroom or office furnishings and check out the myriad of chair caps and glides at LCS Products.  Spend Less and Prolong the Life of your Furniture

No need to buy new chairs or desks or pay for expensive floor cleaning, LCS Products carries components that can fix that chair that’s scraping your floor or that heavy dresser that can’t be moved. In fact, LCS Products just added another item to our extensive line of insert plugs expanding our array of sizes to include multiple fractions of millimeters to fit just perfectly with your particular needs. Our collection is durable and reduces noise from sliding chairs and damage done to your floors. Insert glides and plugs are designed to be long-lasting, made out of Polyethylene (LDPE) and create an attractive way to protect your furniture while finishing the end of a metal chair or desk leg. Insert plugs can be purchased with or without felt depending on your floor’s surface.

LCS Products carries only the best felt available – our proprietary SuperFelt® which has been designed specifically for long life and is impervious to water, oil and most chemicals. Most importantly, insert plugs feature quick and easy press-fit installation at affordable prices.

Look us up online at www.chaircaps.com or call us toll-free at 877-775-2122.

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