Summertime Protection for your Chairs and Furniture

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Summertime Protection for your Chairs and Furniture

It’s time to have some fun again!

Now that the vaccines are here, the weather is warming and we hopefully start to put Covid in our rear-view mirrors, it’s time for some outdoor entertaining! It’s time to invite the neighbors, friends and even family over for some old-timey, in-person, not too socially distant gatherings (Per CDC guidelines!)

Time to blow up the pool floats, dust off the patio furniture and wipe down the chaise lounge chairs. However, it’s been awhile since you’ve entertained and, often patio furniture gets neglected and worn out. Most likely, you have broken or missing chair caps which can damage patio surfaces.

Fortunately, LCS Products is prepared with a multitude of flexible chair caps, screw-in caps or chair cap covers in various sizes, shapes and colors. Moving patio chairs and tables can be done with ease and without scraping, scratching or marring your patio floors. Ordering the correct size can be tricky. However, LCS Products has created a handy, easy-to-use measuring tool that you can print out and quickly use to figure out the exact size cap you need. Click on the link to check out our How To Measure Round Chair Legs & Furniture tool. Many types of patio furniture use metric sizing which we can accommodate in our product line, as well.

Check us out online at or call us today at 1-877-775-2122. Our friendly customer service representatives are waiting to help you make the most of your foray back into outdoor entertaining!