Try It Before You Buy It from LCS Products

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Try It Before You Buy It from LCS Products

You’ve heard “Measure twice, cut once.” You’ve also probably heard “Don’t buy something sight unseen.” These are common idioms that have a figurative agreed-upon meaning. At LCS Products, we prefer the idiom “Try It Before You Buy It.”

LCS Products maintains a large assortment of flexible chaircaps, chairglides and screw-in glides, in addition to felt glides and felt accessories – utilitarian products that have proven effective in extending the life of chairs, table legs and various types of floors. Due to our extensive inventory of sizes, shapes and colors, LCS Products offers samples of ALL our products. We strive to meet the needs of our customers and ensure their complete satisfaction.

Dependent on the number of samples and the type of product, samples can be acquired at no charge or for a nominal fee. Due to our special relationship with school systems, samples of ALL our products are available at no charge for schools only.  For the General Public, there is a $4.99 charge for up to three (3) different samples which covers the cost of shipping. We also offer our "Try a Chair" sample pack for $9.99, which will include 4 of the same item. Samples are usually shipped same day and can easily be done online.

For larger orders such as for a business establishment or restaurant, we will kindly credit your order for the cost of the samples, if, after reviewing them, a purchase order of $100.00 or more is made. Please visit us at and check out our extensive inventory of products. You can also call us at 1-877-775-2122 and speak with one of our very helpful service representatives.