Warning! Rookie mistake when installing a chair cap!

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Warning! Rookie mistake when installing a chair cap!

Don’t make a rookie mistake! So many purchasers of our amazing flexible chair leg caps and sliders are extending the life of their furniture and saving their flooring! Unfortunately, a few have made a small error that cancels out these benefits.

Flexible chair leg caps and sliders are a great addition to any furniture set. LCS Products carries a wide variety of leg caps for all your chair and furniture needs, and with their E-Z Stretch™ design, they are a cinch to install.



New chair caps are not created to fit OVER worn out or broken chair caps. In order to ensure proper fit, durability and usability, your new chair caps must be installed on the actual chair or furniture leg tip.

Installation is still a breeze (no tools required) and, once correctly in place, our innovative stay-on design allows for peace of mind knowing you will not have to worry about our leg caps falling off your furniture. Our large selection of chair/furniture leg slider caps are made from long lasting expandable PVC and PTFE/Teflon base and come in a variety of sizes and aesthetically appealing colors.

The sliders work well on all types of floors, especially carpets, and prolong the life of your furniture and floors. Check us out online at www.chaircaps.com or call us toll-free at 877-775-2122.