The benefits of wrap-around felt floor protectors

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The benefits of wrap-around felt floor protectors

Our new wrap-around floor protectors can be adapted to just about any size and/or configuration of a chair or table leg.  

A very tacky PSA on the wrap-around bottom is peeled and simply applied by light pressure. This holds the felt pad in its proper position flat on the floor. Sled base chairs have a rail that touches the floor. Using the flexible wrap-around sides on the felt protectors, it only takes seconds to install and position the bottom raised felt pads into their correct position. These wrap-arounds are very versatile and can also be used as door bumper guards with no wall holes required for installation. Simply peel off the PSA pressure sensitive tape and press into place. Kitchen cabinet doors are another excellent use for these pads, as the wrap-around portion can be cut to fit any size door for quiet openings and closings.

the-benefits-of-Wrap Around Chair Felt

The wrap can be removed by peeling off the pressure sensitive tape – for quick removal use a hair dryer and warm up and they peel off quite easily when replacing.

This is an excellent alternative product that does not require a specific fitted cap.

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