Tools & Accessories for Chair Caps and Glides

We make installing your new chair caps and glides easy, by providing you with the tools you need to make the install a breeze. We provide the option for you to buy both the install tools and removal tools you need for all the caps and glides that we have to offer. We also provide hinged cap covers and hide-a-screws. By providing the materials you need to get the job done, we make installing simple! When choosing your chair caps and glides, don’t forget to purchase your tools so you can start enjoying your chairs without any hassle. Shop our collection of tools and accessories today!

    Installation Tool for Chair Caps (works with Part # G2004 & G2003)

    Part # ITGC
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    Chair Cap Removal Tool

    Part # CRT
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    Chair Glide Removal Tool

    Part # GRT
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