Glide Cap with Stipples for Chair Tips
Glide Cap with Stipples for Chair Tips
Glide Cap with Stipples for Chair Tips
Glide Cap with Stipples for Chair Tips
Glide Cap with Stipples for Chair Tips

Glide Cap with Stipples for Chair Tips

Part # G2003
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51 - 999
1000 - 2499

The goose bumps/stipples are designed to reduce surface contact with the floor. Easy installation over your existing chair glides!

Contact with the floor is reduced by 90% as compared to flush, flat-mounted glides (the standard glide shipped with the chair). Only 10% of the surface of these stipple glides actually touch the floor.

The stipples permit your chairs, tables and desks to slide smoothly over the floors.

The stipples significantly reduce the marring, scratching, blackening and damaging of floors.

The construction and positioning of the stipples are critical dimensions. The stipples produce “hills and valleys” creating a self-cleaning effect as dirt, grime and debris can’t build up on the tiny, rounded points of the stipples. The dirt and grime collects in these “valleys” allowing the glide to move freely on the floor. The dirt and grime have no more contact with the floor; hence the floor does not sustain abrasions or damage. The stipple caps become a self-cleaning cap.

The product is unique and has been patented by the U.S. Patent Office. Do not accept imitations!

The reduction of floor contact also makes sliding a chair, table or any other device much quieter. This significantly reduces the amount of noise generated, a major problem in schools and municipalities. With the reduction of floor friction, the stipples enable the chair, table or device to move and slide with ease.

Our caps will not interfere with the normal movement and full operation of the glide or chair. The chairs remain fully stackable with these caps in place!

Gives new life to your old and worn out glides.

Fits nylon and steel base glides with a 1  1/8'' to 1 ¼'' inch base.

Approved by maintenance departments throughout the U.S.

Add the easiest installation tool (ITGC) ever developed for quick installation of our chair caps (for use with G2004 & G2003) to your order.  It takes under one minute per chair for installation.

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