Wobble Wedges - Soft Plastic Leveling Shims - Color: Black for Tables & Furniture
Wobble Wedges - Soft Plastic Leveling Shims - Color: Black for Tables & Furniture
Wobble Wedges - Soft Plastic Leveling Shims - Color: Black for Tables & Furniture
Wobble Wedges - Soft Plastic Leveling Shims - Color: Black for Tables & Furniture

Wobble Wedges - Soft Plastic Leveling Shims - Color: Black for Tables & Furniture

Part # WSB001
1 - 50
51 - 999
1000 - 2499

 Soft Wobble Wedges For Better Grip on Smooth Floors

These soft black plastic leveling shims are super-flexible, non-marring wedge shims that easily conform to the shape of whatever they support. Their rubber-like texture creates a firm grip on slick floors and also reduces rattling sounds by absorbing vibration. Soft Wobble Wedges can be easily trimmed to a perfect fit with scissors or utility knife.

Soft Wobble Wedges are flexible and are very easy to trim with scissors or knife. Restaurants use them to stabilize wobbly tables to get a better grip on smooth floors like tile or wood. Plumbers use them to install toilets or silence rattling pipes. Woodworkers use a combination of soft and hard Wobble Wedges for clamping, cushioning, sanding, scraping and even spreading glue.

Soft Wobble Wedge shims

  • Stabilize wobbly restaurant tables set on slick floors
  • Install toilets and protect the delicate porcelain finish
  • Silence rattling water pipes
  • Protect wood finishes while clamping
  • and much, much more. . .

Product Description

Wobble Wedges are a modular system of precision engineered, securely stackable, non-slip, tapered plastic shims. They are available in four interlocking and cross-nesting sizes, in both soft resin. Wobble Wedges can be used independently or can be stacked in any combination or orientation to accomplish practically any shimming need.


They are typically used by industrial manufacturers, restaurants and food service suppliers, plumbing contractors, woodworkers, cabinet and closet installers, hobbyists and do-it-yourself homemakers to stabilize, support, level or protect workpieces, restaurant tables, furniture, cabinets, shelving, appliances, HVAC equipment, aluminum sheets and other similar items. Hard Wobble Wedges provide firm support for heavy objects. Soft Wobble Wedges absorb vibration and silence rattles. Wobble Wedges are also commonly used as a highly adaptable tool

Are Soft Wobble Wedges better for stabilizing wobbly restaurant tables?

Both the Soft and the Hard Wobble Wedges are great for stabilizing wobbly tables. Use the Soft Wobble Wedge for tables set on slick floors like wood, tile or polished concrete.

Patented System

The Wobble Wedges modular system is patented and has no equal. Each wedge in the system is comprised of multiple rows and off-set columns of ridges that provide precise, repeatable adjustments, secure stackability and both lateral and horizontal stability.

Standard Wobble Wedges have 5 columns and 32 rows of deep off-set ridges on both sides of the wedge. Under load, these deep off-set ridges oppose each other at as many as 144 points which eliminates both horizontal and vertical slippage.

Soft Wobble Wedges

  • Resin:  PVC
  • Tensile Strength:  2,000 PSI
  • Softness/Hardness:  75 Shore A (3)
  • Flexibility/Elongation:  400%
  • Melt Point:  80 degrees C (176 degrees F)
  • Low Temperature Brittleness:  -35 degrees F


  • Soft, flexible rubber-like texture
  • Easy to trim
  • Absorbs vibration
  • Resists glue and paint
  • Provides consistent expansive force when compressed between two surfaces
  • Will not shrink or swell with changes in moisture



Stays put. Won't slide, slip, or twist apart under load.

Powerful No-Slip, No-Twist Grip

5 columns of deep off-set ridges interlock under load to eliminate both vertical & horizontal slippage


Easy retrieval or placement in hard-to-reach places

Won't Shrink or Swell

Make lasting adjustments that remain stable even when exposed to repeated changes in moisture and dryness

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